How to unlock your success in life

With Fitness, Nutrition & Performance Psychology


Lack time? Work long hours? We get it, you need a structured fitness program that works in with your lifestyle, whether you’re travelling for work or socialising.

So, we created a 12 week fitness and nutrition program…plus we’ve added in psychology because the mind is the key to your success and long term motivation in life, not just training or eating well.

Spotted in the Daily Mail

Guide: How I only put on 200g body fat wining and dining in Europe

Check out the article in the Daily Mail or download the guide now.

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Meet your future self

Practical ways to be in control of your thoughts and channel them positively

– Setting up for success and finding your purpose so you stay motivated in ups and downs
– Goal setting and strategies for dealing with barriers that get in the way of success
– Mental toughness, strategies to manage internal thoughts so you have the strength to go after what you want

Understanding how to fuel your body correctly

– Gain more energy
– Increase your focus
– Reduce the risk of chronic disease

Challenging training programs that

– Increase productivity
– Reduce stress levels
– Can be done in a park, hotel or at a gym.



Founding Director

A program encompassing performance psychology, nutrition and exercise is a powerful combination that will enable you to lead a healthy lifestyle that’s sustainable. Making this a priority means you’ll be able to fuel your career success and deeper connections.

Gabby is a Master Trainer from the Australian Institute of Fitness.

Clinical Psychologist

Samantha is a Clinical Psychologist with 17 years’ experience optimising psychological and physical health. She received Special Commendation for her PHD which focuses on helping people clarify their values, which is the foundation for a purpose driven life.


Renee is a Dietitian with 15 years of experience providing excellent health care services for communities, hospitals – including the world renowned Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust, and the corporate environment.

Exercise physiologist & personal trainer

Andrew has been involved in health, fitness and coaching for the past 18 years. He has trained over 1200 client’s and has provided high performance fitness programs for Tennis Australia.

Hear how our client’s lives have changed

  • "I struggle to eat well, with two small businesses and a toddler I'm often time poor and find myself making the wrong food choices - generally grabbing whatever is quick and easy.   I don't have time to sit down and read articles so the Master of Yourself program is great! I love listening to the podcasts, I can listen while I'm driving to work or getting dinner ready.   And I love the yummy breakfast recipes. After two weeks on the program my eating habits have improved and I feel more knowledgeable about nutrition choices I'm making for me and my family."
    Mel Jessup Week 2, Master of Yourself
  • "I lacked motivation, I had all these ideas and plans in my head but putting them into practice was where I was falling short. I kept falling into the trap of 'there is always tomorrow'.   I'm two weeks into the Master of Yourself program and I'm really enjoying the mindfulness section. The practical tips ensure I keep this up on an ongoing basis. For example I downloaded the Headspace app and tried meditation for beginners, I've found it clears my head before bed and I have a great nights sleep."
    Jennifer Maronese Week 2, Master of Yourself
  • "As a mother of 3 children under 5, I wasn't getting enough sleep, I was eating on the run, never exercised, procrastinated, felt stressed and found it hard to stay motivated. I was unable to create goals and felt stuck. The short podcasts in The Master of Yourself Program have given me practical advice that's easy to follow and implement in my life. After only two weeks, I noticed the activities made me think about what matters to me and puts everything into perspective. This has reduced my stress levels and highlighted the vision I have for my future and the direction I need to head."
    Udarvn Luxton Week 2, Master of Yourself
  • I joined Dear Future Self because I was over thinking all things to do with my well-being which lead to feeling overwhelmed! The Master of Yourself program is so easy to use. The content is informative, the speakers are very knowledgeable. And the practical activities are also easy to understand and implement weekly so you gradually build on what you learn each week rather than trying to make big changes all at once.
    Jess McLeod Week 2, Master of Yourself
  • I've had an epiphany about mindfulness! This program has taught me about the importance of taking time out for myself to get my head space right so everything else can start falling into place. My motivation and organisation has increased and I've lost 1kg so far!
    Jennifer Maronese Week 4, Master of Yourself