How I only put on 200g of body fat travelling…still wining and dining

3 big tips to maintain your weight on holidays without feeling restricted

Travelling is all about letting loose, having fun, eating all the food and consuming all the drinks! Fully experiencing the new culture you find yourself in. You may have accepted that you’ll blow out, your ‘diet’ goes out the window and you’ll train less.

And that’s ok, but let’s not let all that work to look great on the beach go to waste, because the reality of coming back and getting motivated again is hard work. And who wants to start over?

So our advice – go on holiday with the aim to maintain your weight.

And lucky for you our Founder, Gabby Weiss just got back from Europe and did just that, so she’s created a guide with her top 3 tips to maintain your weight. And the best part is you can still relax on your fitness regime and enjoy all the wine and food. It’s not restrictive, it’s just being smarter about how you go about your day.

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